Why doesn’t Microsoft include this feature in Windows?
We’ve asked similar questions and we hope that they decide to include this functionality at some point in the future.

How is a “script” different from a typical program?
Email-as-Link was written as a script so it could be installed with minimal overhead and without requiring “administrator” access to your computer.  Typically, companies rescrict certain installation programs, so we have written a simple “installer” which is integrated into the script.

Have you written any other “scripts” or other free software?
We have.  However, given the popularity of this script amongst our friends, we decided to create a quick website to distribute the script to a larger audience.

My virus scanner is warning me about this program, is it a virus?
Some virus scanners will flag all Visual Basic scripts as viruses – indeed, several were written in this langauge.  Email-as-Link is not a virus and anyone with Visual Basic knowledge can audit the script code (which is visible to the user) quite quickly to confirm that.